The Best Ways to Make Black Friday the Best Experience It Can Be

Black Friday shopping has remained an institution in the age of online shopping. It is on this day that the savagery of the North American population comes out and where it becomes socially acceptable to attack someone in an attempt to grab that last two dollar waffle iron. Many people have chosen to ignore this unofficial holiday in favor of Cyber Monday, but there is still an advantage to shopping in person on Black Friday. Yes, the day after Thanksgiving is a crazy stressful day to shop, but it doesn’t have to be so. Check out how to make the experience the best that it possibly can be, even though the chaos and wonder at what humanity is capable of.

Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before the big day. This might not be so difficult given the amount of food you will be eating on Thanksgiving Day. However, some people are prone to overeating to the point of sleeping poorly that night. If you are one of those people, try eating slightly more sparingly so you have the energy to aggressively push your shopping cart around. Your waistline will thank you later.

The Best Ways to Make Black Friday the Best Experience It Can Be

Speaking of time, you should get to the store of your choice as early as possible. Gone are the days where you needed to camp out overnight to get one of those flat-screens at seventy percent off, but arriving early will mean slightly less of a mess. As an added bonus, it is less likely that you will lose your children that you regretted having brought the moment the minivan was packed. On a side note, if you can leave the kids at home, do it. 

Make sure to plan your shopping experience effectively. Certain stores have good sales year-round, so you can ignore them for now and swing by for the post-holiday discounts instead. But some shops, like electronics and appliance stores, rarely offer much beyond a ten to twenty percent discount, so Black Friday is the time to focus your energy on this type of shop. At the same time, if you have a large family, feel free to divvy up your efforts so that you can take advantage of as many sales as possible. 

The Best Ways to Make Black Friday the Best Experience It Can Be

If clothes shopping is your main goal for the Black Friday sale, avoid fitting rooms at all costs. We aren’t saying not to try anything on and to leave it to chance! Most Black Friday sale items are non-refundable anyway. But you can make it easier for yourself by dressing in leggings and a camisole so that you can try on clothes without waiting in yet another line. Feel free to return any dirty looks you may receive from any passerby.   

Another great trick to keep in mind for this year’s shopping spree is to ditch the shopping cart. It’s really tricky to maneuver those things around when there are a zillion people to avoid who also have shopping carts. Think of it like playing bumper cars. Add a bunch of precariously balanced displays full of tempting items and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. Instead, grab a few reusable bags to toss your purchases in. Another advantage is that you’re much more likely to curb your purchases if you have to carry them all by hand. If you just don’t have the strength to carry your shopping, consider investing in a granny cart. You’ll look a little silly dragging that thing around, but it’s better than nothing. 

Most importantly, try to keep a positive attitude! Black Friday is stressful for everyone, but complaining won’t help anything at all.