How to Keep Yourself and Your Family Occupied During a Power Outage

With winter coming faster than we’d like to admit, power outages will become more frequent. Snowstorms and wind gales are prone to causing such inconveniences that can sometimes last for days on end. It’s easy to get frustrated and start blaming everyone from the neighbors to the electric company, but short of switching on the breakers, there’s really not much that can be done. So, in this case, it’s best to simply deal with the situation at hand by passing the time in as productive a way as possible without strangling your loved ones because you’re withdrawing from lack of cell phone access.

There are a few things you can do while the sun is still out if you’re lucky enough to be home at this time. Everyone has those piles of books they excitedly bought at a flea market and meant to read, but instead let gather dust. Not being connected means you have absolutely no excuse not to read. Get cozy on the couch and read to your heart’s content because you might be there for a while. Another great activity along the same lines is writing a letter to a loved one. No, not an email. A real piece of snail mail that’s handwritten. Write about the last couple of days, about your life thus far, about the power outage…it really doesn’t matter; your recipient will feel great about it. Now to remember where you keep the stamps…

How to Keep Yourself and Your Family Occupied During a Power Outage

Another practical way of dealing with the black-out is by cleaning your house. No, it’s not the most fun activity, but if your whole household gets involved, it can quickly turn into a fun game. Plus, because you’ll be cleaning by candlelight, you won’t be so bothered by little spots you can’t get out. Your home will look great once the power comes back on, and you can pat yourself on the back for it. As an added reward, you won’t need to spend extra time scrubbing away because you’ll have already done it all. If you’ve got enough candles and flashlights, consider organizing books or the linen closet. Organizing is a great way of rediscovering things you’d forgotten you owned and of getting rid of stuff you know deep down you don’t need. 

Sure, these ideas are all fine and well, but what are we supposed to do when the sun goes down?

How to Keep Yourself and Your Family Occupied During a Power Outage

One excellent method of keeping yourself busy is by making use of your fireplace. The light will make it so you’re able to read and see the people around you. It will also warm your toes that have suffered from the lack of central heating. It’s a very social experience to have a lit fire, so invite some friends over and toast marshmallows and hot dogs. Fireplaces are very romantic, so make the best of an unpleasant time and use it to indulge in some well-deserved cuddling with your partner. Single? Grab your cat and continue with the aforementioned activity.

A terrific way to pass the time with the whole family is to put on some fun music and dance your heart out. Everyone can partake equally so that no one will feel left out due to age or ability. Because the living room will be dark anyway, there’s no reason to feel self-conscious about being uncoordinated. Dancing is excellent exercise and a fantastic way to release unwanted tension in the mind and body, so boogie the night away!   

No, power outages aren’t fun, especially when they last more than a few hours. But you can use these tips to the best of a bad situation.