Get Them While You Can: 5 Popular Foods That Will Become Rare In The Future

Whether you believe in global warming or not, some things that we got used to having on a regular basis will become rarer in the next few decades already. But don’t worry – the best scientists are working on finding good replacements and new inventions to existing delicacies, so you can take a deep breath. Without further ado, here are our top 5 favorite foods that are very likely to become more difficult (and expensive) to get:

  • Chocolate – yes, we know! Apparently, growing cocoa beans is an extremely difficult process, and they’re very delicate. In order to grow cocoas beans, not only that the temperature needs to be right, but it can only grow in very specific areas around the equator, with specific terms of humidity or soil richness. The growing demand for chocolate and other cocoa beans products all around the world, and the complicated growing process, makes it impossible to supply the high demand. Some research even predicted that we will experience a chocolate shortage as soon as 2030.
Get Them While You Can: 5 Popular Foods That Will Become Rare In The Future


  • Avocados – you just can’t seem to escape this global craze. Avocados became a breakfast, lunch, and dinner staples, all over the world, and people chase the perfect avocado nowadays as they used to run after gold. If you ever tried growing an avocado plant (not even a tree), you know how spoiled it is. Reportedly, in order to grow an actual edible avocado, you need to use about 70 gallons of water. With the ever-growing demand to it, getting a hold of an avocado is about to become a real race.
  • Coffee – if you got used to starting your day with a hot cup of Joe, you may need to find a good replacement soon. Studies have shown that the temperature changes in their growth areas are deeply affected by new kinds of fungus. Plus, the weather conditions both in South America and in Africa are becoming harder and harder for coffee growing.
Get Them While You Can: 5 Popular Foods That Will Become Rare In The Future
  • Wheat, rice and corn – you gotta love carbs, and who doesn’t? Studies showed that half of the global daily food consumption comes from those addictive and delicious grains. Different agricultural organizations have already found out that unpredictable growing conditions are going to make it harder to manufacture – which means that farmers will also have to find new ways to feed their cattle.
  • Wine grapes – So in addition to all of those, wine is going to become rarer too, we’re afraid to say. Many wine grapes like growing in specific colder temperature and moisture conditions, and warmer climate is going to make winemaking much more complicated. Research showed that by 2050, around 70% of the land used now in both California and Australia to grow wine grapes, will become unsuitable for it.

This is a good reminder that not all good things last, so we need to enjoy them for as long as we can, but be respectful and responsible consumers. On the bright side, it looks like the future is about to be full of very interesting, delicious new foods, that are going to be just as fun.