Becoming a Walker is a Real Lifestyle Choice That You Can Embrace Today

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise you can engage in, particularly in these times where gyms are nearly impossible to access. So take advantage of the fact that you’re still able to step outside occasionally to get a workout in.

First of all, you should be walking for at least half an hour per day, though if it better suits your schedule, try for an hour four times per week. Though this may seem like a lot, listening to music or to your favorite podcast will make the time fly by. Most people burn about a hundred calories per mile, of course depending on your weight, metabolism, and walking speed. Try to walk at least two miles each time you head out for your free workout. This may seem like a lot, but simply walking to the nearest grocery store rather than driving that five minutes makes a big difference. You’ll not only get your shopping done but will burn extra calories carrying groceries home.

Becoming a Walker is a Real Lifestyle Choice That You Can Embrace Today

It’s all fine and well to walk as part of your life, but some people do better confirming that their efforts are paying off. Instead of aimlessly wandering around hoping you’re getting your steps in, invest in a fitness tracker so that you can get an idea of how much you’re actually moving. This is a great way of encouraging yourself, particularly because of the fun team challenges you get to take part in as a group motivator.

Another crucial aspect to getting walking into your life has to do with the type of shoes you wear. It may seem rather obvious to some people, but to others, a pair of old-school Vans is the height of sports shoes they would wear. Generally avoid old-school styles in all brands as they provide little to no support, instead opting for some basic running shoes with excellent heel support.

If walking is something you plan on doing for a while and will do as exercise, motivate yourself by using a pair of walking poles. Though you might look a little silly, using poles is a great way to also work your arm and chest muscles while you get your regular walking in. Think cross-country skiing without the skis. You can also take your poles hiking, where they will come quite in handy when you’re climbing up those tough hills.

Becoming a Walker is a Real Lifestyle Choice That You Can Embrace Today

Switching up your walking style is a useful way to get you in even better shape. For example, though you may choose to walk around a track because it’s easy to tell how much distance you’ve covered, the ground is very forgiving and easy to trek on. Instead, try walking on grass or gravel, as these take a little more effort. But the very best you can do in terms of calorie expenditure is to walk on soft sand as it can increase it by up to fifty percent. Of course, walking on sand is incredibly difficult, so those extra calories burned are very well deserved.

Consider the way in which runners do interval training. This entails running hard for a few minutes, then more slowly for a little longer. Walkers can do the same thing, walking a faster mile then taking a slower one, or some such variation thereof. This method gives you a break without stopping the workout and gets your heart pumping at a healthy rate.

Finally, becoming a walker is a lifestyle choice, just like becoming a regular cyclist or ceramic painter. Start walking up and down stairs instead of always selecting the elevator to go up one floor, then move to picking the bus stop slightly farther from your house.